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  Aches & Pains
  Food Related
  Mental Health
  Cancer Related
  For Seniors
  Children & Teens
  General Interest
  Heart Smart
  Reproduction & Pregnancy
  Safety Issues
  Just for Men
  Sleep Related
  Just for Women
  Weight Control & Diet

  Aches & Pains

    Vegetables and pain     Shock waves For Heel Pain
    Lower back pain     Diagnosing Headaches Online
    Lower Back Pain Relief     Migraines linked to upper molars?
    1 in 3 Prefer Migraine to Root Canal        

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  Cancer Related

    Birth Control Pill & Breast Cancer     Vitamin D May Help With Cancer
    Marijuana & Cancer     New lung cancer detection method
    Virus' may be a treatment for cancer     Cancer causing virus
    Advances in Cancer Research     Vitamin D May Help With Cancer
    Virus' may be a treatment for cancer     Marijuana & Cancer
    Reduce risk of skin cancer     Cancer causing virus
    Tylenol and colon cancer     Freezing tumors destroy cancer cells
    Improving treatments for cancer patients     Advances in Cancer Research
    Miraculous cancer cure is false     New lung cancer detection method
    Lung Cancer Test     Endostatin Cancer Drug Update
    Online Cancer Cures     Leukemia News
    Talc Powder & Cancer     Cell Phones & Cancer
    Small Pox Vaccine for Cancer?     Diet and Cancer
    Night Shifts and Colon Cancer     St. Jude's and Cancer
    Obesity behind Cancer     Melanoma
    New Technology for Breast Cancer     Walking and Breast Cancer
    1/3 of Cancer Deaths...     Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer
    Cancer & Ovarian Surgery     Early Cancer Detection
    Colon Cancer     Ovarian Cancer Blood Test
    Stomach Cancers and Antibiotics     Breast Cancer and Exercise
    Myth on Lung Cancer        

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  Children & Teens

    Teens & Sports     Kids Tested For Tobacco
    Treating Autism Early     Day Care & SIDS
    Protecting Children from Heat     Good news and bad news about teens
    Not enough exercise for kids     Asbestos crayons
    Babies form basis for speech     Ritalin: culprit in death?
    Smoking cessation for kids 101     Harps and infant's health
    Teen drivers     Night lights not bad after all
    Junior league hockey not wearing safest masks     Young children should not sleep in adult beds
    Infant intelligence increases with enriched formula     Too much juice may not be good thing for kids
    Home Alone Kids     Teenage Smoking & Anxiety
    Schools Restrict Backpacks     Children and Teens Heavier
    Sunscreens for children under 6     Final Exams and Acne
    "No Soda Pop" for School Age Children     New Health Habits for Children
    Health Reports on Report Cards     Overweight Teens and Suicide
    Children and High Cholesterol     Pets and Allergies
    White Bread and Canned Vegetables     Drink Your Milk
    Assist Memory with help of Children     Children and Blood Pressure Screening
    Children left in Cars        

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    West Nile Virus is bad     MS Drug Halted
    Herpes Vaccine     Potting Soil & Legionnaire's Disease
    Parkinson's & Cell Damage     Leukemia & Improved Living conditions
    Drinking & Diabetes     Spermocide Creams & AIDS
    Measles cases remain low     Small pox outbreak, Summer 2000
    Chickens and mosquito's, Summer 2000     New diseases
    Acid reflux devices     New treatment for osteoporosis
    Flu season wasn't so bad, Spring 2000     Ladybugs linked to asthma
    Flu epidemic & blood shortage, Spring 2000     Lou Gearing's disease caused by virus?
    Flu good for some companies this season     Chicken Pox still common despite vaccine
    New Flu Strain this Season, Winter 1999     New Asthma Research
    Sickle-cell anemia treatment cures boy     Useful flu 'folk' remedies
    Mad cow disease from England     Asthma and natural gas
    Flu Season - Winter 2000     New Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment
    Respiratory Syncystial Virus (RSV)     Breast Milk
    New Vaccine for Children     Bigger Babies are Smarter
    Cure for Phobias     Parkinson's
    West Nile Virus Vaccine     Flu Season - Winter 2004
    TB Predictions        

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    High cost of Drugs     Nicotine Addiction Begins In Days
    Tobacco Research & Medicine     Cholesterol drugs still not available OTC
    Anthrax in heroin     Bandwagon drug
    Smokers and drug users linked     Tobacco as addictive as hard drugs
    Sweets & Alcoholism     Nicotine Addition & Effects
    Is Marijuana Medicine?     Medication Errors
    Drug Resistant Salmonella     Cost of Substance Abuse
    Red Wine & Your Heart     Nicotine Patches
    Vaccine for Melanoma     Snuff
    Vitamin C Protects Non-Smokers     Light Alcohol Use
    FDA Bans Ephedra, effective 4-12-04     Quit Smoking
    Smoking Robs 20 Years of Your Life     Paradox of Alcohol Abuse

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    Toxins In The Environment  
    Is the Air Hazardous to your Health?  
    New Study Maps Air Pollution  

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    Up The Stairs, Skip The Elevator     Tree Climbing & Stress
    Focusing on one Sport     Walking and decreased risk of stroke
    Exercise and glaucoma     More good stuff about walking
    Everyday activities help you keep fit     Weight lifting and health
    A little exercise helps lower blood pressure     90's & Laziness
    Spring Arrives     Doctors Prescribing Exercise
    Add Simple Exercises     Athletes and Pain
    Tai Chi     Lower Legs after Walking
    A Brisk Walk     Liposuction

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  Food Related

    Caffeine & Soda     Corn Tacos
    Avocado's Reduce Cholesterol     Health Foods at your local store
    Tax on snack foods     Wine and health
    Barbecues and breast cancer     Soda wars turn into juice wars
    Bad banana rumors false, Spring 2000     Food poisoning on the decline
    Honey as medicine     Chocolate is good for your health
    Irradiated meat has government approval     Low-fat holidays
    Beer and wine warning labels too hard to find     Green Tea
    Lunch Time Boosts     Eating Disorders and Pre-School Children
    Kraft Food to change nutritional values     Reduce your cholesterol
    Ecolai May Cause Kidney Illness     Airport Meals
    New Products for the Obese     Low Carb Pizza?
    Vitamin D     Designer Eggs
    Hire a Chef     U.S. Beef Industry faces Tough Times
    Eating and Stress     Whole Grain Breads
    Low Carb Diets and Potato Growers     An Egg a Day too much for some Women
    Add a Fat when Ordering Salads     Fruits and Vegies cost .64 a day

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  For Seniors

    Older Men & Exercise     Older athletes stay active
    Attitude about aging improves walking posture     Head Injuries & Alzheimer's
    Tai Chi & the Elderly     Cholesterol Drug and Alzheimer's
    Attitude and Aging        

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  General Interest

    New guidelines for high blood pressure     Less Toxic Cigarette?
    The Age Of Death Rises     Dog Attacks
    Why Can't You Tickle Yourself?     Flu Vaccine Delay, Fall 2000
    High pay but no takers     Hypothermia Therapy & Stroke
    Disposable hearing aids     Davinci Approved
    Self repairing brain     Type O blood and organ donations
    Internet use     Understanding migraine headaches
    Health insurance and treatment     New strategy for diagnosis of migraines
    Flu vaccine to change, Spring 2000     Change your mood with smells
    Emergency room visitors     Pet cloning
    Master gene     Pet insurance
    New bandage heals faster     New technology for eye examinations
    Advances in diabetes     Ten-year health plan for America
    People living South & higher blood pressure?     Glasses for colorblind do not offer a cure
    Elevated insulin leads to increased blood clots     Oxygen during colorectal surgery helps patients
    Doctors decisions don't involve patients enough     Y2K concern for 911 system
    Alternate ways of controlling computers     Fountain of youth gene discovered?
    Bike recall     Dutch Legalize Euthanasia
    Lasik Eye Surgery     Spinal Cord Injury Repair
    Artificial Discs     Diabetes Testing
    Mad Cow Disease     Hepatitis& Treatment
    Pharmacists Needed     Bronchitis..
    SARS     Addiction to Gambling
    Attitude and Aging     "Do as I say not what I do"
    AMA prepares for biological attacks     Victory for World Health Organization
    Organ Donor Cards     91% of Drivers Take Risks
    Meditation Daily Lowers Stress     Distractions on the Road
    1 in 5 Adults have Acne     Stop Smoking, Lose Weight and Eat Better
    Regulating New Doctor Hours     FDA and Labels
    CVS Stops Selling Ephedra     Seconds Count When Poisoned
    New Kit to Determine West Nile     Red Clover Supplements
    West Nile in U.S.A.     FDA Approves Blood Test
    Treatment for Seizures     High Fatty Foods Cause Stress
    Music Relieves Stress     Aspirin Competitors
    Virtual Colin Exams     Removing Tattoos
    Swallow a Camera?     Does Your Dr. Screen for Obesity
    FDA Recommends CK treatments     Costs of Calling in Sick
    Mad Cow Disease in America     Diet Supplements
    Tobacco Tax     SARS Virus Antibody
    Stomach Reduction Risks     Polio
    Full Figure Models     23 States Fail Minor Smoking
    Remember Flu Season Early This Year     Teeth Grinding Related to Stressful Work
    The Law and Obesity     Government Warns of Bogus Flu Vaccine
    Rolling Stops     Caffiene and Today's Soldiers
    Ephedra - NEVER AGAIN     Drinking in Moderation and Colin Rectal Cancer
    New Surgical Technique     Another Mosquito Born Disease
    Saving 195,000 People a Year     Magnets

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  Heart Smart

    911 & Heart Attacks     Grave Yard Shift
    Heart Attack Victims - Children     New Kind Of Bad Cholesterol
    Heart Association & Stem Cell Research     Radiation for coronary arteries
    Flu vaccine can prevent second heart attack     Hair loss linked to heart problem risks
    Coronary Stents and Heart Attacks     MRI is new way to detect heart problems
    Prevention better than cure for strokes and heart problems     Heart patients get results from home test
    Iron Levels & Heart Disease     Salt & Heart Disease
    Keeping Old Hearts Young     Heart Attack & Angioplasty
    Radiation & Arteries     Zapping Heart Arteries with Radiation
    Ban all smoking--reduces heart attacks     Blood Pressure and Work
    Cut Your Cholesterol Levels     Hardening of the Arteries
    High Blood Pressure Up     Heart Recovery Rate
    How Low can Your Cholesterol Go?     Bone Marrow for Heart Attacks
    Defibulators in Public     Would you know if you Suffered a Heart Attack?

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    American's are to clean     Drying your hands

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Just For Men

    Prostrate Screening     Cosmetic Surgery For Men
    Exercise & Impotence     Help for men losing hair
    Radioactive Treatments for Men, Safe for Woman        

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  Just For Women

    Women & Strokes     Working Women & Their Men
    Breast Feeding & Allergies     "The Pill" & Strokes
    Menopause and sleep apnea     Hot flash relief
    Do safe breast implants exist?     Facial hair on women
    New drug for breast cancer     Women who exercise have less breast cancer
    Breast Feeding Low     Cancer & Ovarian Surgery
    Putting Off Pap Smears     Abortion Pill RU486
    Tubal Ligations & Menstrual Cycles     Contraceptive Patch
    Fatigue after Surviving Breast Cancer     Facial Hair on Women
    Obesity in Older Women     New Technology for Breast Cancer
    Walking and Breast Cancer     Barbecues and breast cancer
    Estrogen     Vitamin C and Pregnancy

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  Mental Health

    Virtual Reality & Phobia's     Psychological abuse as bad as physical
    Y2K Holiday Blues     Divorce-related Stress
    Severe depression & help from implanted device     Fighting holiday loneliness
    Antidepressant can help with shyness?     Listen with a Brain
    Love & Brain Stimulation        

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    Green Tea & Skin Tea     Trans fatty acids
    High fiber diet good for diabetics     Vitamin C: good or bad?
    Nutrition guidelines to include alcohol     FDA working out plan for dietary supplements
    Medicare to pay for nutritional counseling?     Vitamins not always good for you
    Vitamins are Important     New Diet for the Peared Shape

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    Pharmacists & Prescriptions     Steroid Inhalers & Asthma
    Anti-Cholesterol drugs & Stroke prevention     Ibuprofen & Preemies
    FDA & Prescription Requirements     CDC expands program for antibodies
    A New Viagra     Medical marijuana
    Internet drug sales revisited     Federal government speaks about Ritalin
    Internet drugs and the Senate     Acne drug causes birth defects
    Clinton Cracks Down on Drugs Sold on Net     What Does Future Hold for Medicine?
    Heartburn medicine leads to death in some cases     Cholesterol-lowering drugs stimulate bone growth
    Over the Counter Drug Unsafe?     Niacin & Statin Drug
    Flu Pill     Drug Ads
    Aspirin a Super Flop?     Antibiotic Prescriptions
    New Drug for the Common Cold     Over the counter Diet Drugs
    Buying Canadian Prescriptions     Less Costing Prescriptions

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  Reproduction & Pregnancy

    FDA Approves New Birth Control     Morning Sickness Drug Comes Back
    Birth Control Pill & Breast Cancer     Folic Acid & Birth Defects
    Accutane Limits     Tholiclomide company named
    Viagra and pregnancy     Weight retention after birth
    Premature babies and learning disabilities     Inducing Labor in Pregnancy
    Morning sickness indicator of baby's gender     New Embryo Test
    Weight Extremes & Fertility     Inducing Labor??
    Smoking and Pregnancy     1 in 3 born in 2000 born with diabetes
    Determining Sex of Child     Adding Vitamin C during Pregnancy
    Obesity and Having Children        

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  Safety Issues

    Playground safety     Antihistamines and driving
    Safe toy shopping     New bunk bed safety standards
    Public safety more important that doctor/patient privacy?     Toy Safety
    Mobile Phone Warnings        

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  Sleep Related

    Weird Dreams     Melatonin & Sleep
    Surgery For Sleep Apnea     New insomnia medicine
    Sleep disorders and commuters     Sleep Apnea

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  Weight Control & Diet

    Fatty Acid (CLA) & Weight Loss     Weight Loss & Blood Pressure
    Obesity lap band     Weight loss pill
    Overweight adults do not get enough exercise     Fat fighter found?
    Obesity increasing worldwide     Holiday weight gain is minimal
    New report on diet drug Redux     Eating fiber leads to less weight gain
    Latest news on lepton     Overweight mothers and weight loss
    # of overweight people equal # underfed worldwide     Stress Can Be Fattening
    USDA & Diet Plans     Overweight Americans
    Eating & Body Clock     Eating & Drinking Patterns Set Early

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